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Kimerud Gin

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Kimerud Gin is made in the Norwegian village of Tranby, around 20 miles west of Oslo. 22 botanicals are used including juniper, coriander, lemon peel, walnut, angelica root, ginger root, mint, orange peel, and rhodiola rosea, a wild Scandinavian herb that was considered a delicacy for the Vikings.

Do you know? 
- Most of the botanicals are homegrown on the Kimerud farm
- The spirit is distilled 5 times and only pure mountain water are added after distillation
- An aroma of the sea can be noted due to the Rhodiola Rosea herb which the distiller had painstakingly picked from the cliff of the Arctic's Norwegian sea

#LondonDryGin | Orange Peel Garnish | Fever Tree Tonic | 

Available in 43%, 700ml.

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